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Here you will find new and innovative solar fountains, table fountains, garden water fountains and more. We are pleased to bring you an assortment of high quality products for you to use in and around your home. So if your needs are for solar powered fountains, or an outdoor garden fountain to grace your yard we have a perfect selection to choose from. We also have a great assortment of indoor tabletop fountains for your living room or entry. We even have water fountains with lights that will give a soft glow to your landscape after dark. So no matter what type of fountain you need you have come to the right place.
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Wouldn’t it be nice to come home after a hard day and relax as you enjoy the sight and sound of a Songbird Oasis Fountain or your very own Hummingbird Haven quietly bubbling in your back yard? Or think of how refreshing it would be to hear the soft rippling sound of water as it cascades from Apple Barrels or tumbles from the Wagon Wheel fountain on your patio. The cares and stress of your busy life will fade away.
Can you imagine the comments from family and friends when they see your Joyful Elephant or Grecian Urn tabletop fountains elegantly displayed in your den or dining area? They will marvel at the Frog Hollow occupying a prime spot in the corner of the yard or enjoy the Fairy Maiden or Wishing Well that you have placed among your landscaping.
Our site is easy and simple to use. It provides you with a secure way to order a variety of in home fountains from the comfort of your own living room. With inside fountains you can relax to the gentle sound of flowing water or gaze at the refreshing view of solar water fountains nestled in your yard.
Be sure to check out the pages of our site where we feature table top fountains, water indoor fountains, as well as products for your garden. We look forward to serving you as you select a quality fountain.